Hedge Construction

Cornish stone hedges are what I specialise in. From a small garden feature, to a large scale property boundary, all types and sizes can be accommodated and built to your design or specification.


Retaining Walls

A stone wall can be a great way to hold an earth bank in place, or even just be an attractive way to show off your garden or driveway.



Garden Landscaping

If you are looking to bring some design elements into your garden, then a feature built out of natural stone can help transform an area into something special. From simple borders, to flower beds and raised herb gardens, there are lots of ideas that can be accomplished with some stone and earth.



Steps and pathways

Connecting areas of land can be improved with stone wall lined pathways. Quoins and returns can be incorporated into the design to accommodate any steps or slopes that there are.

Stone Wall Repair

Sometimes all that is needed is a sympathetic repair, to restore a wall to its former self. Depending on the severity of the problem, a quick and simple rebuild or restoration will suffice to keep the wall structurally sound for the future.


Masonary Walls

If the walls you require need to built with a mortar or concrete fill, than this is also something that can be done. Masonry walls can have the advantage of being very structurally strong, and can be built using a smaller footprint compared to a drystone wall.